Fanfiction History with The Fanfic Maverick Podcast!! PART ONE

A-TEAM, ASSEMBLE!! Sara joins forces with Beth from The Fanfic Maverick Podcast to take a DEEP DIVE into the history of fanfiction as we know it. From Ancient Greece to Ao3, we try and cover it all. 

  • How are fanfic authors protected by US Copyright Law? (Fair Use!) 
  • If George Lucas gets squicked out by your Luke/Han lemon, can his team of lawyers punt your PWP? (Not if you’re non-commercial, young padawan!) 
  • How much do you know about the speakeasy of fanfiction, that seedy backroom of the internet obscurely known as WWOMB? (Beth will regale you!) 
  • How many items on astolat's original Ao3 wishlist came true (ALL OF THEM! pretty much!)

AFTER LISTENING, subscribe to the Fanfic Maverick Podcast on Apple, Spotify, or whatever-- and stay tuned for PART 2: The exciting panel-style conclusion, where Sara and Beth round up a couple of fandom OGs who will tell you how is was-- and is! 


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